Why Are Designer Handbags So Appealing?

Published: 05th January 2012
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Designer handbags are a much sought after accessory for the fashionable woman. Why is that true? How can a perfectly rational human being go gaga over spending a thousand bucks on an item made essentially to hold stuff?

After all handbags exist to hold miscellaneous stuff some of which is useful, some not.

The authentic designer handbags do differ from other bags in ways besides their fine quality and design. They also offer status to the woman carrying the handbag. Bags from haute couture designers are made by hand from the highest quality leather they can find anywhere in the world. These are not items of mass production made in factories that produce low cost, high volume goods. Designer bags are produced in limited editions making them exclusive and placing them under the category of status symbols.

The bags are carefully made with each stitch and rivet put in place with extraordinary attention to detail. A designer handbag is always free of noticeable seams of leather poking out in the handles. The interiors of the bags are lined in the best fabric available. These bags are designed to be functional but more than that are designed to serve the purpose of quality and exclusivity.

Aside from impeccable quality and design, designer handbags also offer a certain status. When someone sees you carrying an expensive bag, they usually try to get a peak at the brand. They understand that it's one of the most amazing bags in the world and it usually spurs them to look into one themselves, which brings me to the next topic. Resell value.

If you are uncertain about buying that expensive designer handbag, check out the bags available at the next yard sale you attend. You will find a table with a bunch of bags each marked around $5.00. There will not be a designer bag in the lot. The reason for that is fine handbags like fine wine grow more valuable with age. Vintage wine and vintage handbags actually are an investment. Neither of them depreciate. Even if the bag is used and shows signs of wear, they only lose their value if they are ripped or stained. Even in those cases, they may still retain their value if you can find a specialist in the repair of fine leather handbags to work their magic.

If you take good care of your handbag, you can sell it in a year or two for very close to the original purchase price. You will need to have the bag's certificate of authenticity to convince the buyer of its genuineness. People in the market for designer handbags are a very suspicious lot given the rash of knock-offs on the market. No one will believe a bag is the real deal without that certificate.

Finally, if you are consider purchasing a designer bag, don't buy a knock-off. Knock-off bags are extremely noticeable to the bag lover and instead of walking by you and drooling over your bag, they will walk by and laugh knowing that you're carrying around a $30 purse pretending that it's a $750 bag. With handbags, authentic is the only way to go. Authentic bags have become more and more popular since the knock-offs started to appear in the last few years.

With the flood of fakes, manufacturers have gotten better at making bags that are hard to distinguish from an authentic bag. One way to tell if your bag is authentic is the leather itself. High end leather is creamy at the touch. You will not see any marks or bumps on the leather of an authentic bag. All of the metal on the bag will have the brand name stamped on it. The fabric in the interior of the bag will have the logo on it and most bags have a certificate of authenticity with a hologram stamp.

Go out their and find that perfect designer handbag that was made just for you. Good luck.

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